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Factory-Built Benefits

Budget Friendly.

  • Know your investment upfront.
  • Typically 25-30% more cost effective than site-built homes.
  • Reduce construction delays and material damage that often occur on traditional construction sites.
  • Ability to move in sooner provides a quicker return on investment.

Time Efficient.

  • Reduced construction schedule (30-50% less than site-built homes.)
  • Remove weather delays (90% construction completed in facility).
  • Benefit from a year-round build schedule.

Controlled Quality.

  • Factory-built homes are manufactured to meet or exceed the same building codes as site-built homes with paralleled material and construction standards.


Building in a controlled environment is inherently greener than traditional construction sites:

  • Reduced material waste.
  • Less site disturbance.
  • Improved air quality.
  • Reduced greenhouse gases emitted.
  • Cost-effectively relocated to be reused or repurposed.