Rec, Kitchen & Dining Facilities



Model Rec, Kitchen & Dining Structures
Length 60’
Width 12’ or 14’
Construction Wood-frame modular structure with metal siding
Number of Units Single to Eight-Unit Complex
Certification Alberta Part 10, CSA A277, BCCSA COR, ISO 9001:2008, WCB
Exterior Walls 2 x 6 @ 16” o.c. – R20 insulation
Interior Walls 2 x 4 – insulated for sound dampening as required
Floor 2 x 10 @ 16” o.c. – R20 & R40 insulation
Roof 2 x 10 @ 16” o.c. – R40 insulation – select 5/8 T&G sheathing
Exterior/Interior Colours Customized to client preference
Skid Triple – 35  LB
HVAC Customized to client preference
Restrooms Customized to client specifications
Office Space     Optional
Kitchen and Dining Commercial option with walk-in cooler and freezer. Fully furnished dining area.
Appliances and Electronics Leading Brands


Our floorplans are not absolute, but a guide to help you envision your own custom solution.

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