TA Personnel


Darlene joined TA in 2007 as the Chief Accounting Officer and heads our accounting department. Prior to joining TA, she dedicated 13 years to a large manufacturing facility in Salmon Arm. A long-time resident of the Shuswap, Darlene’s business administrative background is complimented by her wealth of work experience in a variety of industries including retail and radio.

250.836.3802 Ext. 221 | darlene@twinanchors.com

Nigel Watson


Nigel Watson was appointed Manufacturing Manager in 2013. As Manufacturing Manager, Nigel oversees all aspects of business including pre-production planning and production processes. He has held supervisory positions for mechanical, electrical and plumbing departments, and in 2010, advanced to Production Coordinator. In 2007, he and his family relocated to Canada from the UK where he served 12 years as a Marine Engineer in the Royal Navy and owned his own mechanical and electrical engineering company.

250.836.3802 Ext. 211 | 250.463.2000 | nwatson@twinanchors.com

Greg Robinson


Greg Robinson has been a profound asset to TA with a 30-year construction background and 15 years of experience working in structural engineering, design and sales. Joining the team in 2011, he provided his expertise within our design and materials departments before transitioning to sales.

250.836.3802 Ext. 203 | 250.517.8862 | grobinson@twinanchors.com

Karlo Meyer


Karlo Meyer has been TA Structures’ Design Manager since its beginnings in 2006. His career at TA started three years prior, assisting with houseboat design and the manufacturing process. Karlo played a key role in the research and development undertaken to transition to manufacturing relocatable buildings for resource industry. Prior to receiving his education in drafting, Karlo worked for over 20 years in the construction industry and spent time as a heavy duty equipment operator.

250.836.3802 Ext.223 | karlo@twinanchors.com


Sheila joined Team TA as a Shipper/Receiver in 2006. From there, she assisted with Accounts Payable before transitioning into Purchasing in 2008. Sheila was awarded the position of Purchasing Manager in 2010. She took a brief leave of absence in 2012, but didn’t stay away from the TA family for long. Her return to TA in the fall of 2013 was welcomed and celebrated. As Purchasing Manager, Sheila is responsible for securing quality materials that meet our high standard of craftsmanship while ensuring they’re cost effective and on schedule.

250.836.3802 Ext.201 | sheilab@twinanchors.com

Jody Gjaltema


As Quality Assurance Manager, Jody ensures schedule adherence and carries out quality initiatives including our warranty program, system documentation control, internal audits and quality inspections. He has received extensive training regarding our Quality Management System to ensure TA Structures’ product remains one of best in the business. Jody joined TA in 2003 and has held various supervisory positions.

250.836.3802 Ext. 230 | 250.804.3645 | jody@twinanchors.com