Custom Metal Fabricating & Welding

Our CWB-certified, 10,000 square-foot weld shop can meet all your steel and aluminum fabrication requirements.

We Build …

Metal Enclosures

Our high-quality, multi-purpose, metal enclosures can serve as portable offices, storage buildings, remote workshops, electrical enclosures, guard shacks and/or control rooms. Fully insulated, these units can be custom suited to include electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Pipe Tubs

Utilized to store and transport drill pipe, pipe tubs can limit on-site accidents as well as reduce handling and trucking costs. Our pipe tubs are constructed from stout W8x24 I-Beams with integral ice breakers and heavy wall ¼” HSS 6X4 tubing.

Light Towers

Skidded, trailer mounted or self-standing units manufactured with LED lighting.

We Also Build …


Rig Matting

Stairs & Railings

Floating Platforms

Ramps, Piers & Walkways

If you envision it, we can build it!

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